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Our gorgeous lady of this week is lovely mummy to two beautiful children Jas, as always I could not resist asking to share with us a little bit about parenting and family traditions :

What is your favourite part about being a mom?
My favourite part is seeing my kids grow and learn things in life, and all the love and hugs that they give.
What are your top 5 favourite things to do with your family?
We love going to the cinema, going to various markets in London, going for a Sunday roast, spend time as a unit with family and friends and just lounging around the house together.
Do you have any family traditions for holidays? 
There are no traditions as such, but we try and relax and be together as our lives are so busy when we are apart.
Do you have a parenting motto that you live by?
Remember what you were like when you were younger and always try and be open and talk things through, so you are approachable when they need you.


Fabulous Women / Portrait Photographer London

Meet another of our gorgeous ladies in our Fabulous Women series. Mummy of three lovely children and a business owner at Little Willows, who is now embarking on a new exciting venture with her business, so watch this space:)

as I am always interested where our ladies draw their inspiration from and how they are combining motherhood and business, I asked Catherine to share with us:
What inspired you to start your business?
I went to a pottery studio in Balham South London before I had children and absolutely loved it. At the time I worked in retail and loved the idea of having my own shop – I couldn’t get it out of my head, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do so I just went for it and followed my dream. I did everything I possibly could to learn exactly what I needed to do then saved up till my dream could become a reality.
What is it like raising 3 kids?
It helps me to be super organised, I’m always thinking a day ahead and I’d be lost without my diary! I also make sure i’m consistent with the rules I set and follow through on any promises and threats I make such as if you don’t behave I’ll take you straight home (a nightmare at times) this way the kids know their boundaries, and it makes for a happy, calm household. It’s the hardest job in the world but the most rewarding.

What are the 3 lessons you have learned from motherhood?

Kids grow up quickly so savour every moment. 

Listen to advice but always go with your gut instinct – I believe that mum always knows the best for our own children:)
Write them a letter on each birthday about their previous year, who they are and why you love them so much, highlighting all their funny quirks, favourite toys, sayings, friends etc. Seal the envelope and leave in their keepsake box to be opened when they are grown up or have children of their own.
What helps you relax after a long day?
Once the kids are in bed I rarely do anymore housework (as I find it really dull and boring!) I usually pour a glass of wine and read a good book.

Fabulous Women / London Portrait Photographer

Welcome back everyone! Hope you had a lovely summer!

This project has been long in the making and finally I am ready to present our Fabulous Women series about lovely Ladies: mothers and women in business, those who decided to follow their dreams, be that of motherhood, of business or both, all have their own amazing story.

As some of you know at the beginning of the summer I have decided to change my lifestyle: try and eat healthy and exercise more :), I have cut out wheat & dairy from my diet and increased raw fruit and vegetables intake and almost immediately noticed amazing effects on my health and energy levels. I have spent a month doing Pilates regularly, and I must say I do have commitment issues with any exercises routines but I did stuck it out with my lovely Instructor and Nutritionist Mary Preston Pilates.


I asked Mary to tell us a little about what inspired her to start her own business and answer some questions:

What inspired you to start your business?

I was inspired to start my own business when I became a mum. I used to work in financial services and after the long break away on maternity leave, I found that when I returned to work I no longer enjoyed my job, so I decided to change careers to do something that I felt more passionate about. I also really wanted the freedom to arrange my own schedule and work hours around taking care of my daughter.

What are the 3 lessons you have learned from motherhood?

To be more patient, understanding and unconditional love.

What helps you relax after a long day?

I like to relax at home and watch tv or read a book.

Fairytale / Newborn baby photographer Richmond

From a recent session with a beautiful baby girl and her mummy and daddy, peacefully sleeping, tenderly covered by an intricate hand knitted shoal passed over from generations, one day her own baby might be wrapped into this precious family heirloom for a very special portrait to be passed over too, keeping the tradition we continue to live in our children, grandchildren …

Newborn baby girl

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